Saura, Handbearing Compass (HB65G-II)

Saura, Handbearing Compass (HB65G-II)

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Model: HB65G-II

Card dia: 65mm
Lighting: Not available
Bowl diameter: 97mm

Graduation: 2 degree

- A best seller Handbearing Compass, of top quality for precision professional use.
- Use of a precision marine handbearing compass helps you obtain quick bearings of objects.
- Position of your ship can be determined on chart by taking bearings of more than two objects.

- Easy to determine bearings by alinging the target sight of prism and the objects.

- Mica card of 65mm dia
- Graduated 0 - 360 degrees in 2 degree
- Bold and short lines for every 5 deg sections.
- Cardinal points are also added.
- Platinum and iridium alloy for extremely long duty life
Contact point
- made of artificial sapphire
- Visible field: 20 degree
Carrying case

- Cushoned carrying case for protection during transportation and storage