Uni-Pex, Vessel amplifier 60W (TT-60)

Uni-Pex, Vessel amplifier 60W (TT-60)

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Model: TT-60

Power supply: AC 100V, 50/60Hz; DC 26.4V (24V battery, hot earth)
Current consumption: DC 4A
Rated output: 60W
Output load impedance: 170Ω(100V line), 83Ω(70V line), Balanced
Frequency response: 100Hz~10kHz ±3dB (at 10dB rated output)
Inputs: Main MIC: -62dBV 600Ω, Balanced; MIC 1~3: -62dBV 600Ω, Balanced; LINE 1~2: -22dBV 10kΩ, Unbalanced
Speaker output circuit: 5-circuits (2 line system) with All-Call switch, Talk Back for Speaker 1~3 and Monitor circuit
Dimensions: 420 x 143 x 333 mm

Mass: Approx. 12.4kg