ABT, Digital FlexSlim Antenna, Ultra Slim, UDA-3000U

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1-Year Local Warranty Support


For Residential Use Only

  • New pattern. Enjoy Signal Purity

With dedicated circuit layout on the revolutionary golden-triangle pattern, UDA-3000U provides strong signal reception. On top of that, the dual band UHF/VHF reception can pick up channels that UHF-only antennas can't pick up.

  • Flexible & Slim!

UDA-3000U Flexslim antenna is covered by new developed plolyster, which is very flexible & slim to be placed anywhere!


Frequency: VHF 174-230 MHz / UHF 470-870 MHz
Amplifier Gain (dB): VHF 16+/-3 dB / UHF 15+/-3 dB
Isolation(dB): nil
Noise Figure(dB): < 4dB
Output Return Loss: < -6dB
Antenna Elements: Patch
RF Output Impedance: For 75 ohm TV System
Power Consumption: 50mA Typical

RF Cable: 1.5C-2V / 7ft IEC Male, USB Type A