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FreaksArm is a supper low-cost and miniature desktop robotic arm. It's a 4-axis arduino-based robotic arm. It is made up by laser cut wood parts and can be assembled in hour. It is very suitable for children education and edutainment in the process of getting to know mechanical arm's assembly. It's affordable, simplified and no soldering requird. FreaksArm is perfect for children and beginners to learn about robotic arm, designed to make them understand robotics, electronics and programming.

FreaksArm project is open source. This means all of designs and codes, including cutting file, PCB schematics, are available to you for free. You can download, view, edit, and learn from all of the works that has been put into the project. FreaksArm consists of the wood parts, two joystick modules and our Freaduino UNO(Arduino compatible). It can be controlled by a joystick and PC command. You can also control it by Bluetooth (BLE Center), wireless, hand gesture of leap motion, mind control and more.



  • Joystick or APP controll
  • Based on Freaduino UNO
  • Working temperature: 0 ~ 85 ℃
  • voltage:7 ~ 12V



Freaduino UNO
类型 符号 说明
Freaduino UNO
USB upload interface
Freaduino UNO
Power interface
Freaduino UNO
Reset button
Freaduino UNO
Servo interface of catch
Freaduino UNO
Servo interface of Distance
Freaduino UNO
Servo interface of up and down
Freaduino UNO
Servo interface of turn
Freaduino UNO
Bluetooth interface
Freaduino UNO
Joystick 1 X-axis interface
Freaduino UNO
Joystick 1 Y-axis interface
Freaduino UNO
Joystick 2 X-axis interface
Freaduino UNO
Joystick 2 Y-axis interface


  • 1. Software

1.1 FreaksArm testing code

1.2 Arduino IDE

  • 2. Testing code burning

Start downloading FreaksArm_SourceCode.zip by clicking http://www.elecfreaks.com/estore/download/FreaksArm_SourceCode.zip, decompress and copy the codes to the libraries folder in the Arduino IDE installation directory. Open Arduino IDE, just need to follow below steps to upload codes to FreaksArm.

  • 3. Test Procedure

(1) Connect the power after upload completed.

(2) Controll by your joystick or APP(BLE Center).