Garmin, Extension Cable for 12-pin Garmin Scanning Transducers (9m/30ft)

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Extend the cable length of your compatible 12-pin transducer with these 10 feet (3 meters) or 30 feet (9 meters) cables. Supports 12-pin Airmar transducers with XID.


Compatible for: GT30-TH, GT30-THP, GT30-TM, GT30-TM + GT15M-IH Transducer Bundle, GT30-TM + GT8HW-IH Transducer Bundle, GT34UHD-TH, GT34UHD-THP, GT34UHD-TM, GT40-TM, GT41-TH, GT41-THP, GT41-TM, GT50M-TH, GT50M-THP, GT50M-TM, GT51M-TH, GT51-THP, GT51-TM, GT52HW-TM, GCV 10 Scanning Sonar Module, GCV 20, GPSMAP 7407xsv, 7408xsv, 7410xsv, 7412xsv, 7416xsv, 7607xsv, 7608xsv, 7610xsv, 7612xsv, 7616xsv, 8410xsv, 8412xsv, 8416xsv, 8610xsv, 8612xsv, 8616xsv, GSD 25 Premium Sonar Module, GT54UHD-TM Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar All-in-one Transducer, Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar System