GME, Splitter Amplifier (SAM224FSDP)

GME, Splitter Amplifier (SAM224FSDP)

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Engineered for digital television

The Kingray range of splitter amplifiers have been designed to have superior performance in digital terrestrial enviroments. The characteristics of the components elected provide a very low noise figure, high output level and high return loss.

The SAM224FS is a VHF/UHF amplifier with a single input and four outputs, designed to be used when you have enough signal for one outlet but insufficient for four outlets. Fitted with F connections, it has a tilt control on VHF and can be remotely powered from any or all of the outputs, it also has the ability to pass power through to a masthead amplifier if required. The SAM224FS is supplied in a weatherproof housing for easy outdoor installation. Supplied with a KPS06 power supply.

Product Details

  • Four outputs
  • F connectors
  • Remote powered via any output
  • Weatherproof case
  • Packed with KPS06F power supply

In the Box:

  • SAM224FS
  • Cable tie
  • KPS06F
  • Installation Manual

Product Specifications


Frequency Range - 44 - 860 MHz
Maximum Gain - VHF: 12 dB, UHF: 16 dB
Gain Control Range - VHF: 14 dB @ 44 MHz, UHF: 8 dB @ 860 MHz (sloped0
Maximum Output Level - 99 dBμV @ - 60 dB IMR (DIN45004B)
Noise Figure - < 3.5 dB



Input Connector - F type
Output Connector - F type



Suitable plug pack - PSK06, PSK06F, KPS06, KPS06F
Power Consumption - 70 mA