NHE, Digital Telephone Exchange, OAE-KH010L Series

NHE, Digital Telephone Exchange, OAE-KH010L Series

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Model: OAE-KH010L Series

OAE-KH010L-Series Marine Digital Telephone Exchange creates a digital communication system that meets all aspects of internal and external communication on board.

Based on the latest voice communication system that features VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and IP telephony its flexible configuration is a cost effective solution for you. If you need to improve your efficiency by integrating voice, Internet and data services, OAE-KH010L-Series is the right choice.

* To preset IP network system on your request beside the existing system supply
* The use of Digital Cordless Telephone
* The maximum extension capacity of 128/300 telephones including digital cordless telephones
* The use of Digital Multi-key Telephones for extension

* Easy handling for orgination , termination and transfer of Trunk lines

Key Functions:-

Trunk Line
- Trunk lines can be terminated by one of multiple number of telephones
- Trunk line display panel is available
- As receiving trunk lines, different numbers can be used at sea / at anchor
- Number of trunk lines >/= (8) available

- Trunk lines can be connected to ISDN line, Digital, Analogue Tel. Lines

Digital Cordless Base Station
- Available range (from the antenna) is indoor radius 30~50m, outdoor radius 100~150m.
- Installation of 16 Digital Cordless Base Stations (antennas) allows seamless talk while roaming on board.
- Some case may not be accepted due to the use of wireless frequency 1.9GHz band.

- One station provides 3 digital cordless telephones for simultaneous communication.

Group call(up to 8 telephones)

- It is possible to ring all of the pre-grouped telephones (maximum 8) simultaneously including Digital Cordless Telephones and Digital Multi Key Telephones.

- You can connect the call information management server. The server saves the following items. Extension number, call start time, call duration, destination number at the time of the outside line. You can processed in Excel.
- Voice Mail Equipment can be installed.

- It's possible to be equipped with participantory type conference call. (4-8 person and 1-3 sets.)