Saura, SMART Sensor (SCP-NT)

Saura, SMART Sensor (SCP-NT)

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Model: SCP-NT

SCP-NT is a pick-off sensor/detector which directly mounts on Saura range of magnetic compasses and provides the magnetic heading reference output to offer TMC capability.

Some of the outstanding features are:

- NMEA Serial data output for direct input to navigational instruments SCP-NT provides heading reference output in NMEA compatible serial sentence format. No interface or junction box is required.

- A choice of HDM and HDT sentences With inner short-pin arrangements, you can select either HDM or HDT output.

- Fine adjustment capability SCP-NT is fitted with a trim adjustment control, which makes it possible to adjust its output for trim outset of +/ 10 degrees if necessary.

- Small and light in weight Precision detector/sensing unit and modern electronics for processing the signal all contained in a small low profile enclosure, ensuring the clear visibility of compass card.

- Acrylic mounting base for simple and easy attachment on to Saura range of magnetic compasses SCP-NT will be mounted over the top surface glass of a magnetic compass, thus it is always free from interference which may caused by deviation correcting magnets beneath the compass bowl.

Power supply
- 12VDC - 15VDC
Current drain
- 120mA typical (under no load)
Output data
- NMEA-HDM or NMEA-HDT selectable by inner short pins
Output cycle
- 200mS average (fixed)
Azimuth accuracy
- +/- 1 degree average at 12 cardinal points, max +/- 2 degree
- min. 0.3 degree
Follow up speed
- max 45. degree/second
Ambient temperature
- -10 to +50 degree Celcius
Dimensions & weight

- 88m dia, 25mm height, 200 grs (mounting plate not included)